Wades Weekly Rentals. Rent your appliance from Wades in Ramsey Cambridgeshire


Rental is great for those of you that wish to keep up with all the latest technology or if you just like a set amount to be going out your bank weekly rather than a large lump sum, then rental is for you! At Wades we will rent you any appliance that you need. From Iron’s, TV’s to American Style Fridge freezers .

But why rent? A lot of people think that renting is an old term that is no longer relevant. However if you think about mobile phones, most people have one, and though some may choose to buy them outright, many people decide to take out a 18 or 24 month contract. Why is this? Well, they like to have the latest mobile phone, because technology changes so quickly it’s therefore an easy way to keep up to date without breaking the bank! So TV’s are the same, lot’s of people would like a bigger better TV, but cost gets in the way, however if there is another way of having a TV that is affordable and allows you to keep up to date by upgrading every 18 months, then why wouldn’t you?

To sign up to our rental process you will have to have a credit check via experian, which is a very quick and easy method of determining if rental is for you. Once the credit check has been successfully completed we will start processing your information.

There will be a £20 admin charge and 4 weeks rent paid upfront. You will then carry on paying weekly via your GoCardless account for the duration of the agreed period, typically 18 months. After this time you will be eligible to have a new product if you so wish. If not the rental cost will continue as normal.

Set up your Wades Go Cardless Account


We have several rental options to choose from. Call us on 01487 813537 to discuss your requirements.